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    Default Re: Diamonds are Women's Best Friends

    @Hidden Content

    mber banget. bull$* lah kalo diamond tu langka...ya yang gede2 banget 20, 30, 50ct keatas ya langka. but the world itu justru kelebihan small diamonds.
    diamond langka tuh karena marketing nay de beers aje. padahal dipikir logika, diseluruh dunia ada brapa juta toko diamond? semuanay punya seabrek diamond dibawah 1-2ct Hidden Content

    yes i like earth-mined diamond. i like lab diamond, i also like moissanite. i'm all inclusive and non-discriminating Hidden Content
    as long as people know what they're buying...e.g. not paying earth-mined price for a lab diamond. or buying moissanite karena dikira diamond. buy moissanite because you like moissanite!

    well then, what do i like about moissanite?

    it's actually more sparkly than diamond (double refractive, vs diamond yg single refractive). n the single reason i want to wear these jewelry selain cantik modelnya ya pasti karena bling bling nya. moissanite delivers.
    gue tau moissanite udah dari jaman sekolah dulu di indo Hidden Content tapi dulu masi ogah. soale dulu moissanite masih kuning jaman dulu. sekarang mereka udah bisa bikin di range DEF (not that i mind yellower diamond...i like their vintage look).

    even though moissanite is not as though as diamond, tapi masi ok sih harusnya untuk dipake sehari2. it is stronger than sapphire.

    it does have its cons. to my eye, under direct light itu moissanite reflects so much light it looks like a white glass ball, instead of sparkly.

    anyway mungkin kamu udah pernah liat, but this is my favorite video comparing diamond vs moissanite Hidden Content

    p.s. tidak mencoba OOT, makanya fokus di comparing moissanite vs diamond.

    p.p.s untuk yg belom tau, moissanite is silicon carbide. it is NOT a diamond simulant, it is NOT a fake diamond. it is a mineral on its own.
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