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    Default Re: Essential Oil

    There is a saying that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the
    parts’, and nowhere does this have greater truth than in the art
    of blending essential oils for specific purposes. Blends of essential
    oils are known as ‘synergies’.
    In this lesson Dr Hozzel talks about the art of blending oils for
    specific purposes:
    What is a Synergy?
    A bouquet of flowers finds its charm in the togetherness of
    diverse flowers; a meal finds its savour in the combination of
    different tastes linked together under the creative genius of a
    good chef. When diverse elements combine in an intelligent
    way, they enhance each other’s uniqueness so that the total
    becomes more than the collection of its parts.
    Good natural perfumery uses this synergistic law to create
    experiences which are often strikingly different from the single
    fragrant elements. Top notes like Bergamot, Lemongrass or
    Eucalyptus oils with their highly volatile compounds unite with
    heart notes like Lavender, Clary Sage or Petitgrain to be transformed
    or rather ‘enchanted’ by base notes such as
    Frankincense, Jasmine, Sandalwood or Vetiver.
    A good perfume composed of natural compounds is never a
    ‘single odour’ experience. It will send olfactive messages to the
    brain over hours or even days so that one can rejoice in a
    symphony of total experience, through the ‘sequential brain firing’
    of its compounds.
    Are there guidelines for combining oils?
    There are rules for combining oils, some of them more simple,
    some more complex. Here are some of these combination
    By biochemical compound
    A simple way to blend would be on the basis of biochemical
    makeup. If we know the characteristics of a certain compound,
    we might try blending together different oils which have a high
    proportion of that compound. For example, the basic similiarity
    in the makeup of Ho-Oil, Rosewood and Spanish
    Marjoram, all of which show a high percentage of linalol,
    would make a good synergy. We could take advantage of the
    tonifying and anti-bacterial effect of this natural linalol in blending
    these oils together. But we should remember that the
    effect of the plant compounds depends not only on the dominant
    chemical, but is also affected by what perfumery would
    call the impurities or trace elements often hidden behind the
    impact of the major compounds.
    By plant genus
    Another approach would be to blend oils from the same genus
    or vegetal group, touching the underlying ‘plant field’ or ‘resonance’
    which has been built into this group by Nature herself.
    For example combine different types of Lavender, or different
    types of Eucalyptus or Basil essential oils, etc. Although most
    often very different in their biochemistry and their olfactive
    notes, all these oils from the same genus follow a hidden line
    of sameness which can only enhance the desired therapeutic
    By different plant part
    Similiar to this is the method of combining oils from the same
    species, but stemming from different organs of the plant. For
    example we could combine Neroli oil (flower oil) with Bitter
    Orange oil (rind oil) and Petitgrain oil (leaf oil) — all derived
    from the Bitter Orange tree (Citrus aurantium). Or we could
    take Angelica Root oil, -leaf oil and Angelica Seed oil for creating
    a synergistic blend in order to enhance the anxiolytic effect
    of this beautiful oil.
    By traditional wisdom
    Ancient folk medicine gives a wealth of guidelines. For example,
    Ayurveda, the wisdom of longevity from ancient India, tells
    us that we have to look at the dosha characteristics of plants
    and of the human physiology in order to recreate balance in
    the system. A physiology which is overheated (Pitta dosha)
    would not be suited to a blend with dominant Pitta-oils like
    Thyme, Oregano, or Savory, but rather a cooling blend such
    as Peppermint, Lavender, or Eucalyptus. On the other hand, if
    we want for example to enhance the fire element (Agni) in the
    digestive system, we would tend to use oils which have a certain
    Pitta-increasing action on the human body like Cinnamon,
    Holy Basil, Anise or the like.
    Angelica archangelica
    Lavender, garden
    Lavandula angustifolia
    Lemon Thyme

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    By causal connection
    If we are blending for a particular part of the body or function,
    we could aim to strengthen related physiological systems. For
    example a blend to help digestion could not only focus on the
    stomach or the intestines but also support the liver and perhaps
    the gall bladder. And a blend to help against insomnia
    could not only calm the mind and soothe the nerves, but also
    work on underlying problems like depressiveness or negative
    emotions and may also include oils which have an ‘opening’
    anti-spasmodic effect. It is the overall feature of synergistic aromatherapy
    to target different layers of the same problem and
    not - like in allopathic medicine - remain stuck with the symptom
    Every oil is a synergy
    We should not forget that an essential oil is already in itself a
    synergy of numerous bio-chemical compounds. In creating
    plant life, Nature uses countless elements, put together in a
    synergistic way, so that one plant often can take care of many
    different functions simultaneously. Each plant and each oil has
    numerous healing effects pertaining to its specific energy field,
    which finds its outer expression through colour, shape, size,
    fragrance, compounds etc. These compounds match with the
    human organism in an intrinsic way like key and lock and can
    fill up specific ‘holes’, created by weakness or disease within
    the flow of energy throughout the body. The complex structure
    of these compounds is also the reason for the multiple
    healing effects of one and the same essential oil. Nature is in
    herself the best example for synergistic behaviour.
    Chemical treatment
    Against this, we note that chemical treatment of plants with
    substances such as herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertillizers
    etc. tends to decrease the richness of the phyto-chemical compounds
    (this has been scientifically demonstrated) and therefore
    diminishes the multiple healing effects of the plant kingdom.
    In order to create a specific effect, we need to introduce complexity
    in an intelligent way, without disturbing the natural balance.
    Contrary to the allopathic approach, which tries to isolate
    the active ingredients from a plant and then, in a second
    step, tries to synthesize them, Aromatherapy goes hand in
    hand with Mother Nature, honouring and maintaining the infinite
    complexity of its creations.
    That is the reason why, for example, we do not want to lose
    the over 500 compounds of Rose oil, although the isolated
    methyl eugenol in Rose oil may have been found to be toxic.
    Nature has already - within this complexity - provided the
    means to balance certain compounds against others, so that
    the total of compounds of an oil usually is available in a safe
    way. Seen from the therapeutic angle, complexity increases the
    chance for healing and prevents unwanted side-effects. So
    many compounds in Nature
    * have not been explained with regards to their healing properties
    * have not been analyzed in a scientific way
    * have not been fully understood in their interdependace and
    mutally enhancing dynamism
    This does not give us the right to assume that they are useless.
    And so much of human physiology and its numerous ailments
    has not been observed in its reactions and resonance to
    medicinal plants.
    Blending for attunement with Nature
    In increasing the complexity in our blends we give ourselves a
    higher chance to tune in with Nature herself and thus increase
    the curative probability and the chance for healing. It is like
    entering a castle with so many locked up rooms, chambers,
    halls, corridors. The more keys you have we have with us, the
    greater will be the chance to unlock the doors and enter
    That’s why, in the end, in creating our formulas, we take inspiration
    from Nature and from those who were and are connected
    to Nature’s wholeness. Nothing has been invented or just
    taken at random. Most of our synergies are based on ancient
    folk medicine and experience, confirmed by modern
    Aromatherapy research. This blending of ancient and modern
    seems to be the most reliable way to create a powerful and
    effective plant medicine for the future.
    copyright 2010: Oshadhi Ltd

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    Default Re: Essential Oil

    One thing that you may notice is that essential oils appeal to
    people from many different backgrounds. Complementary
    therapists have long been aware of their value; the medical
    profession is becoming increasingly interested in their use for
    prevention and cure, and many nurses are becoming trained in
    their use; and people involved in spiritual pursuits, healers, and
    those interested in accessing the more refined levels of existence
    find the subtle energies of essential oils absolutely fascinating.
    We finish this short introductory course on essential oils with a
    particular viewpoint: that of Malte Hozzel, the founder of
    Oshadhi Essential oils, as he looks at the role that these precious
    plant products can have at this time of change in the
    A new way of looking at health care
    This is a time of significant development in the use of essential
    oils. New methods of health care are coming to light which
    use essential oils in combination with massage, chakra therapy,
    auric cleansing, visualisation, meditation and other approaches
    to health.
    In the past, people have mostly understood essential oils in
    terms of their physical properties, such as their fragrance. This
    is because they have interested in them from the point of view
    of perfumery and flavouring.
    What we now see is an understanding of the subtle value of
    aromatic molecules; and with it we gain an insight into how to
    apply them in the field of energy medicine. This allows us to
    understand more about finer levels of healing, in terms of prevention
    and self-care.
    There is a new shift of awareness away from matter and symptom-
    oriented medicine, with its use of synthetic drugs, to more
    natural approaches which take a more holistic view and favour
    natural remedies — frequently derived from medicinal plants.
    A new 'mind over matter' understanding holds that consciousness
    is primary and is therefore responsible for our well-being.
    Western thinking will eventually come around to the ancient
    wisdom that we are more than our physical bodies.
    It may also have to re-introduce the soul into both modern science
    and modern medicine, and recognise the existence of
    indestructable energy fields around us which are the expression
    of our thoughts, emotions and memories. We are responsible
    for these fields, which can either heal or harm, uplift or
    depress, and can contribute to either happiness or pain. Even
    science now understands that we communicate through vibrational
    or energy exchange, that we have to protect this energy
    and — should it become disturbed — ease and enhance it
    through energy medicine before it becomes dis-ease.
    Traditional understanding of health
    Although to the Western mind this may represent a quantum
    leap, from the perspective of many Eastern traditions it is simply
    ‘catching up with truth’. Ayurveda in India and Chinese
    medicine have always considered the cosmic totality of the
    patient, emphasising the subtle energies of consciousness
    above the gross material body.
    Ayurveda uses the word kosha (vessel) to refer to the different
    ‘layers’ or energy bodies that make up individual life. There is a
    sequence from the gross material ‘food-body’, which is the
    only body that Western medicine takes account of, through
    the subtle energy bodies, to the final body of bliss. The shadowing
    of bliss through disruption of natural law is seen as the
    first step away from health.
    Charaka, the famous Ayurvedic physician who lived a few
    thousand years ago, holds that it is pragyaparadh — literally
    mistakes in our understanding — that is the primary cause of
    And from here it's a small step to the conclusion that our
    health is in our own hands. This means that as we metabolise
    our emotions and desires; as we increase our understanding of
    life, of our relationships, of our evolution; and as we learn to
    forgive and forget, so we will enjoy long life (ayus) and happiness
    in the direction of bliss!
    What an inspiration this is for us! As students, I remember, we
    used to discuss whether any particular culture or mind-set
    could be understood as happier than others. We came to the
    conclusion that happiness was merely a subjective term, and
    that in the final analysis nobody was happier than anyone else.
    I have changed my thinking since then, and I must say that
    medicinal plants and essential oils have played a major role in
    helping me to understand and experience more of the secret
    realm of bliss in the human soul. ‘Energy is joy’, William Blake
    says. This is a profound truth, especially if we can experience
    unity in deep meditation, prayer, or union with nature — or in
    a loving aroma massage with the grace of our helpers and
    companions for eternity, the medicinal plants.
    The Importance of Touch

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    Chinese medicine states that if people were to massage each
    other more, there would be fewer wars. Montagu and Liedloff
    have written about those who, lacking loving touch in early
    childhood, become emotionally unbalanced and unstable,
    exhibiting fear based aggressive behaviour in an unfulfilled
    Lavender fields in Provence

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    Default Re: Essential Oil

    desire for touch. In the last century, the mortality of small children
    in ophanages was extremely high. This was less due to a
    lack of hygiene than to the fact that the little souls were not
    cuddled, not cradled, not touched enough — not loved
    We seem to be on the verge of a collective shift in terms of
    our understanding of our need for the pure healing touch.
    Aggression and unnatural behaviour have increased to such an
    extent in modern day to day life that it seems hard for the individual
    to survive unharmed. Our culture calls for a return to
    true nature, to silence, to spirituality, to our god-given right of
    The Healing Combination of Touch and Smell
    The rediscovery of our sense of smell (and the appreciation of
    natural versus synthetic scents) goes hand in hand with a rediscovery
    of our sense of touch. We could even say that something
    has to smell in order to touch us. Emotions are significantly
    affected by those millions of substances which the
    receptor cells in our nose hopefully identify as pleasant. In an
    aroma massage smell and touch are simultaneously enlivened,
    activating neuronal connections in the brain, brainstem, and
    spinal cord, and giving rise to a powerful release of ‘happy’
    Nowhere can essential oils unfold their full therapeutic energies
    more than by means of an aroma massage in a pure, spiritual
    setting, under the warm loving strokes of the heart. Any
    anger, any fear, any relationship problem can thus be ‘stroked
    away’ with the powerful messenger substances distilled from
    the heart of nature.
    Essential Oils, Evolution, and Union
    with the Divine
    When nature began the theme of essential oils in the conifer
    trees a good 200 million years ago, the human species was not
    yet present on this planet. Aromatic substances were used by
    trees to defend themselves against the increasing numbers of
    germs, and certainly also for ‘territorial’ identification.
    But in a spiritual sense we can understand the first terpenic
    molecules of the conifer family as a promise for future partnership
    between plants and man.
    Plant consciousness is ancient. To look at plants is to look back
    hundreds of millions of years. It fills us with awe if we rembember
    how much time nature has invested to bring us a Lavender,
    a Rosemary, a Thyme, a Juniper. It is time-tested medicine —
    the wisdom of the earth combined with the wisdom of the
    cosmos. Plants experimented with the elements and with physical
    manifestation long before we did. Rig Veda, the oldest text
    of mankind, speaks about plants as having been sent from
    heaven unto material existence for the divine purpose of life
    and assistance. They prepared the way. Chlorophyl, the most
    powerful molecule on earth first had to break up carbon dioxide
    into carbon and oxygen, providing not only the basis for
    our breathing but also for all organic life on earth. At first, this
    could only happen in the oceans because on land volcanoes
    were continuously spitting methane, ammonia and carbon
    dioxide into an atmosphere pierced by ultraviolet light of such
    intensity that it ravaged the land and rendered it sterile. It toolk
    a while for the plants to conquer the land. But their adaptive
    intelligence and patience won over time.
    Plant wisdom has made human and animal life possible and
    nourished it from the start. It has provided food, shelter,
    clothes, medicine and much more than that ever since. In their
    passive loving care, plants exhibit a grace and beauty which
    we as human beings often lack. They are truly messengers
    from beyond, linked to the angelic or devic energies of the universe,
    and in exchange we owe them gratitude and love — and
    nowadays also ecological ethics.
    Between the powerful phenolic ‘red’ or ‘incarnated’ vibrations
    of an oregano oil and the subtle ‘dis-incarnating’ ketonic frequencies
    of a sage oil lie numerous mysteries of the evolutionary
    plan of life. The rainbow colours of the medicinal plants
    and their essential oils make the invisible visible, exhibit energy
    patterns, tastes and fragrances that are directly linked to beneficial
    effects — powers which we still have to penetrate and
    understand more fully. Their link with the rainbow colours of
    human subtle energies seems obvious; but only authentic personal
    experience through intuitive ‘seeing’ will unveil its full
    range of secrets.
    The rishis or ‘seers’ of old from the Vedic civilization called the
    plants Oshadhi, meaning ‘carrier or receptor of light energy’ or
    ‘vessel of transformation of light’. This is a wonderful notion:
    not only that plants utilize the energy of sunlight with its full
    spectrum (including the important ultraviolet and what is
    beyond) for photosynthesis, but they also transform the lunar
    and stellar light and the all-pervading invisible cosmic lightdivine-
    intelligence into auric energies which we as human
    beings are only beginning to fully understand. Matter and energy
    fields combine in all living structures. They are the two complimentary
    omnipresent poles of creation and being, the Yin
    and the Yang, the Prakriti and Purusha, nature and spirit.
    Modern man is about to uncover the hidden link between
    these two, and more than ever spreading his wings out into
    the subtler realms of creation and beyond.
    Plants absorb heavenly vibrations in a most harmonious way,
    and radiate these into the world. Their essential oils are concentrated
    energy carriers, and messengers of the ‘cosmic
    energy’ that nourishes all life. Human love is the best
    expression of this light on earth linking back to the inner light
    Himalayan Cedar
    Cedrus deodora
    Cultivated Thyme

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    of universal love. It bridges the gulf between matter and energy,
    form and formless, and helps to overcome feelings of separation
    for moments of unity and bliss. — Malte Hozzel
    copyright 2010: Oshadhi Ltd

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    itu tadi short course dari founder oshadhi. kalau mau yg ada gambarnya bisa email aku, soalnya pdf gak bisa copy paste gambar. semoga membantuHidden Content Hidden Content

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    Default Re: Essential Oil

    Hi mbak,
    Salam kenal, dari tadi kita smsan. Lebih baik saya nulis di sini. kulit sensitif hindari bahan kimia sentetis dan parfum sentitis juga pewarna dan pengawet . sebaiknya pakai yg alami. produk di pasaran indonesia kalau mbak mau cek ingredientnya banyak bahan sintetisnya. sekatang trend kosmetik dunia justru back to nature, terutama di eropa dan usa. makannya disana banyak supplier yg mewarkan bahan2 untuk buat skin care sendiri. Prinsip perwatan kulit sebetulnya simple


    daily cleanser kulit sensitif kalao mau praktis bisa pakai jenis base oil yg tidak greasy misal jojoba , grapeseed, sweet almond oil atau pure shea butter. usahakan pakai yg organic. selalu hangatkan produk di telapak tangan, lalu pijat lembut ke wajah , lalu bilas dengan waslah hangat. keringkan dg handuk. kalau ingin scrub wajah, setelah make up di angkat dg oil, bisa pakai scrub green clay atau oatmeal. caranya, campurkan 1 sdt green clay dg 2sdt hydrolat sampai seperti pasta, bisa juga ditambahkan 1 drop essential oil, jenis kulis sensitif bisa pakai lavender EO atau chamomile EO atau kalau yg mahal bisa pakai rose EO. oles ke kulit, massage dg gerakana melingkar, konsentrasi di T zone. kalau ada waktu, setelah dioles ke wajah, biarkan 5-10 menit. kalau kulitnya berminyak bisa dibiarkan 30 menit baru diangkat. caranya basahi waslap dg air hangat tempelkan ke wajah, biarkan sebentar agar masker jadi lembek, baru diusap. kalau mau lihat video, klik web Hidden Content . masker bisa dipakai 1-2 x seminggu kalau berminyak banget kulitnya, aman dipakai setiap hari

    setelah kulit wajah bebas make up, semprotkan hydrolat yg disuka di wajah. kadang hydrolat ini dijual dalam botol spray, atau anda tuang sendiri saja ke botol spray. semprotkan ke wajah hingga basah, baru diusap dg kapas, atau ratakan saja dg tangan dan biarkan meresap sendiri

    saat kulit masih basah dg hydrolat oleskan facial oil yg sesuai jenis kulit atau bisa pakai pure shea butter. cara, teteskan oil atau ambil sedikit pure shea butter ke tangan, semprot dg hydrolat, hangat produk dg 2 tangan, baru tekan perlahan telapak tangan ke wajah yg masih basah. lihat video evanhealy.com

    lakukan cleanse, tone,moustirze ini 2 kali sehari. semprotkan hydrolat kapanpun kulit terasa berminyak atau kering. usahakan pakai produk organik. belilah produk dari supplier ternama seperti oshadhi, naturallythinking, baseformula. kalau gak mau ribet bisa langsung beli ready skin care organic dari merk evan healy atau nealsyardremedy. yang juga penting yg banyak makan sayur, buah, tidur cukup, olah raga.
    hindari make up berlebih kalau kulitnya peka. pakai organic make up atau make up yg tidak mengandung pewangi, paraben, silicon, sls. saya sendiri untuk make up cocok pakai clinique dan organic make up dari nealysyardremedy

    silakan browse situs ini yg semunya shipping ke indonesia
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    Good luck


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    Default Re: Essential Oil

    Gw pake essential oil bukan buat skincare awalnya, tapi oil burner. Berhub utk wangiin ruangan, belinya kadang suka asal aja, kebanyakan di etsy sih. Lama2 jadi keterusan pengen pake utk muka juga. Masi ngeri2 soalnya dulu sekali pernah punya kulit sensitif. Sejak ganti pake skincare yg alkohol-color-paraben-fragrance free, sekarang sudah jauh lebih baik. Bahkan sodara gw yg pake skincare merk high end malah kalah ama gw, itu tesnya di dokter kulit pula, heheh...
    Sekarang sih masih dalam rangka ngumpulin ilmu+keberanian sebelum memutuskan mau coba oil apa. Yang pasti kayanya ud harus concern utk anti aging en firming, lebih baik mencegah drpada mengobati Hidden Content

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    Default Re: Essential Oil

    hi mbak sylvia, mbak bisa browse situs Hidden Content . webnya lumayan bagus, bisa ikutan free short course juga. EO bagus mbak untuk anti aging. coba click facial oilnya oshadhi. yg murah itu oshadhi omega deluxe facial oil, komposisnya rosehip seed oil, jojoba, rosewood, turkish rose, geranium. saya belikan untuk ibu saya yg sdh 63 tahun. kulitnya jadi seger. saya juga belikan ibu saya oshadhi yg bulgarian rose hydrolat. semuanya ini produk organic. mbak bisa coba juga. teknik pake oil ini untuk ganti night cream dan serum. caranya setelah wajah dibersihkan dh cleanser yg sesuai, semprotkan hydrolat ke wajah atau bisa juga pake kapas. lalu teteskan 1-2 drop facial oil ke telapak tangan, semprot dg hydrolat lalu gosok telapak tangan dan tekan telapak tangan perlahan ke wajah. hydrolat bisa disemprotkan ke wajah kapan saja, minimal 2 kali sehari habis cleansing untuk toner wajah. saya juga kadang pakai hydrolat dari naturally thinking karena harganya lebih murah. misalnya 200ml organic rose bulgaria kalo di oshadhi harganya sekitar 14 GB kalo di naturally thinking 1 lt rose bulgaria hydrolat organic bisa cuma 10 GB, tapi memang sih baunya wangian oshadhi dan oshadhi itu food grade alias bisa diminum. rose water kan dipakai untuk masakan dan minuman di negara india, arab, pakistan, turki, iran. oh ya hdrolat itu air yh dihasilkan dari proses penyulingan essential oil dan true hydrolat itu tanpa tambahan alcohol, parfum buatan, pewarna, pengawet, jadi belilah hydrolat di supplier terpercaya seperti oshadhi, naturally thinking, base formula dan evan healy

    ---------- Post added at 11:44 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:40 AM ----------

    Lifting Facial Oil

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    Lifting Facial OilContents:
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    Omega Deluxe Facial Oil

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    • 30ml


    Product Description

    Omega Deluxe Facial Oil, (#A5805 - 10ml, 30ml) is a balancing natural skin care product for ageing skin. Its also suitable for dry skin care and oily skin care - the perfect all rounder! This natural beauty product combines three luxurious Rose aromatherapy essential oils with Jojoba Oil and Rosa Rubiginosa to balance and nourish the skin. Essential oil Rose Geranium is said to help balance the skin's production of oil - ideal for both dry skin care and oily skin care. Pure essential oils Turkish Rose, Rose Geranium and Rosewood Oil are all said to be helpful for ageing skin. Carrier oil Jojoba is highly penetrative so is quickly and almost completely absorbed by the skin. Perfect for dry skin care. It is also said to have powerful rejuvenative properties - valuable for ageing skin. Rosa Rubiginosa (rose hip seed oil) comes from the seed of a South American wild rose called Rosa Mosqueta. It has traditionally been used by Andean Indians as a skin care treatment and for healing purposes. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, it is reported to reduce fine lines and promote skin cell regeneration. For best results, make this part of your daily facial skin care routine. Apply 5-10 drops daily to clean, toned skin. Simply sprinkle the oil into the palms of the hand and rub together to warm the oils. Gently press the palms of your hands to the face and neck area. No need to rub the oil in. Use as an alternative to your usual skin care cream or moisturiser.
    Omega Deluxe Facial OilContents:
    Rose turk., Rose Geranium, Rosewood, Jojoba, Rosa Rubiginosa, ...Item no.:

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    Default Re: Essential Oil

    Natural Facial Care

    Hidden Content Looking for a new, natural facial or skin care regime? There are some absolutely amazing naturally occurring oils, rich in nutrients, that can help to balance even the most stubborn skin type. Of particular interest to us are:

    • Rose hip seed (Rosa rubiginosa) - a catalyst for skin regeneration
    • Jojoba - deeply moisturising / a great balancer for oily skin
    • Tamanu (Calophyllum inophyllum) - skin repair

    ... but there are many more! Choose from one of the facial oil blend categories below, which are based around these nourishing natural oils. Many contain carefully selected essential oils, and they are renowned for their simplicity, purity and effectiveness. A richly deserved treat for your skin.

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    Default Re: Essential Oil

    Top 10 Hydrolats

    A smaller selection of the most widely used hydrolats.

    • Hidden Content
      14.99 Hidden Content Blue Camomile Hydrolat Organic, Chamomila matricaria (#5226 - 200ml), also known as German Camomile, Chamomile, is a pure natural therapeutic quality food-grade hydrolat from France. See also How to Use Hydrolats...
    • Hidden Content
      8.99 Hidden Content Cistus (Rock Rose) Hydrolat Organic, Cistus ladaniferus (#5270 - 100ml), also known as Labdanum, is a powerful anti-wrinkle treatment on its own, but many people like to use it blended with Bulgarian Rose Hydrolat, as the...
    • Hidden Content
      9.25 Hidden Content Hidden Content Helichrysum Hydrolat Organic, Helichrysum italicum (#5275 - 100ml, 200ml), also known as Immortelle, Everlasting, is a wonderful product to use on skin which may be congested, mature, or sensitive. It can also help with...
    • Hidden Content
      8.49 Hidden Content Hidden Content Lavender Hydrolat Organic, Lavandula angustifolia (#5220 - 100ml, 200ml, 500ml) is suitable for all skin types, having a pH value very close to the natural value. it is cooling and healing, and can be used before and/or...
    • Hidden Content
      9.25 Hidden Content Hidden Content Orange Blossoms Neroli Hydrolat Organic, Citrus aurantium aur. (#5205 - 100ml, 200ml, 500ml) is most suitable for delicate and sensitive skin. It is powerfully astringent, so avoid using it on skin that is very dry. It can...
    • Hidden Content
      13.99 Hidden Content Roman Camomile Hydrolat Organic, Anthemis nobilis (#5225 - 200ml) is a pure natural therapeutic quality certified organic food-grade hydrolat from France. See also How to Use Hydrolats. Refrigerate, or store in a cool place...
    • Hidden Content
      8.99 Hidden Content Hidden Content Bulgarian Rose Hydrolat Organic, Rosa damascena (#5200 - 100ml, 200ml, 500ml) has the most sublime of fragrances. Rose hydrolat is cooling and when used in facial care, is suitable for normal to dry, mature, or sensitive...
    • Hidden Content

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    Default Re: Essential Oil

    • Hidden Content
      9.99 Hidden Content White Rose Hydrolat Organic, Rosa alba (#5218 - 100ml), also known as White Rose, is an exquisitely beautiful rose hydrolat. Comparing it with the Bulgarian rose, it has a lighter and fresher fragrance, less honeyed more...
    • Hidden Content
      0.99 Hidden Content Spraytop, (#8300 - item) is for use with either 100ml or 200ml hydrolats. You will need to remove the existing cap, insert and plastic ring, once you have opened the bottle. Use of the spraytop regulates the amount that you...
    • Hidden Content
      15.99 Hidden Content Tea Tree Hydrolat Organic, Melaleuca alternifolia (#5277 - 200ml) is a pure natural therapeutic quality food-grade hydrolat from Australia. See also How to Use Hydrolats. Refrigerate, or store in a cool place after opening...
    • Hidden Content
      12.75 Hidden Content Hidden Content Witch Hazel Hydrolat Organic, Hamamelis virginiana (#5231 - 100ml, 200ml) is one of the most important anti-ageing substances and anti-oxidants, Witchhazel is very suitable for mature or damaged skin. Also very good for...

    'I have extremely sensitive skin, which has been particularly bad over the last few days, with red flaky patches. I decided to try the rose hydrolat yesterday, which had remained in a cupboard unopened for some time. What a difference it made! Not only was it wonderfully cooling and refreshing to use, but my skin felt immediately soothed and soft. The redness and flakes have reduced dramatically. It also smells divine! I have been using good quality organic products on my face, but nothing compares to the rose hydrolat.' --M.G., Birmingham

    Current Top Sellers

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    Hidden Content A true aromatherapy hydrolat is the water that is collected when plants are steam distilled. (See Hidden Content ). Hydrolats (also referred to as hydrosols and sometimes flower waters or floral waters) have a delicate nature and a light aroma. They are ideal for situations that require gentle aromatic care, especially for children, the elderly, the highly sensitive, and those who are very debilitated by illness. Our best selling hydrolats are Hidden Content , Hidden Content , Hidden Content , and Hidden Content , Please select from the list of Hydrolats below. To find out more about the particular product, click on its name.

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    Default Re: Essential Oil

    How to use Hydrolats

    Hidden Content What are Hydrolats?
    A true aromatherapy hydolat (or aromatherapy hydrosol) is the water that is collected when plants are steam distilled. Here's the procedure: The steam is passed through the plant material where it collects many of the plant's volatile aromatic compounds. Some of these compounds dissolve in water (hydrophylic compounds), and some don't. The steam then passes through a condenser (where it is cooled), and turns back into a water-oily mix. The water contains the water-loving compounds, and the oil contains the other materials. These quickly separate out into the essential oil (which nearly always floats on the surface), and can be drawn off, and a water product. This is the hydrolat.
    Hydrolat Purity
    Sometimes you will find hydrolats in shops and chemists that have had preservatives added or alcohol. Be aware of this, because they may not be as suitable for therapeutic use.
    Using Hydrolats
    Hydrolats (also referred to as flower waters, and hydrosols) have a delicate nature and a light aroma. They are ideal for situations that require gentle aromatic care, especially for children, the elderly, the highly sensitive, and those who are very debilitated by illness. They do not require dilution and can be applied directly to the skin.
    Here are some of their most popular uses and some that you may not have encountered before.

    • ??Hydrate and moisturise your skin?
    • Soothe sunburn
    • ?Cool the effects of hot flushes
    • ?Refreshing facial toners for all skin types?
    • Perfect as a body mist?
    • Set make-up?
    • Add to facial masks
    • ?Freshen linens?
    • Mist house plants?
    • Make soothing eye pads?
    • Make "wet wipes" for hands, faces and baby's bottoms (simply mist a tissue)
    • ?Flavour natural yoghurt with rose water?

    All prices are in GBP. Copyright 2013 Oshadhi Ltd. Hidden Content |

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    Default Re: Essential Oil

    bagi penggemar DIY skin care, body care, hair care dg bahan alami dan essential oil bisa belajar di
    Hidden Content -aromatherapy-recipes.com/

    banyak yummy recipes di sini girls. oh ya bahan2 nya bisa dibeli di situs yg saya posting di atas ya

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    How to Give Yourself a Home Facial

    1. Clip back or tie up your hair to hold it away from your face so it doesn't get in the way.
    2. Wash your face with a natural Hidden Content to remove dirt, makeup and oil. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry with a towel.
    3. Use a facial steam to deep clean and open your pores, getting your skin ready for the next stage. You can use one of the Hidden Content or just use plain water. Or add up to three drops of any essential oil suitable for your skin type.
      Dry or Mature Skin: Chamomile, frankincense, helichrysum, palmarosa, patchouli, peppermint, rose, sandalwood, ylang ylang Normal or Combination Skin: Geranium, jasmine, lavender, neroli, palmarosa, rose, ylang-ylang
      Oily, Acne-Prone Skin: Benzoin, bergamot, cedarwood, cypress, geranium, grapefruit, jasmine, juniper, lemon, lemongrass, orange, patchouli, peppermint, petitgrain, sandalwood, tea tree, ylang ylang
      Sensitive Skin: Chamomile, helichrysum, jasmine, lavender, neroli, palmarosa, rose
      Eczema, Psoriasis: Benzoin, chamomile, frankincense, helichrysum, jasmine, lavender, palmarosa, patchouli, rose, rosewood, sandalwood

      To give yourself a facial steam:

      • Pour some very hot water into a large bowl. Add your essential oils, if using.
      • Lean comfortably over the bowl and use a towel to make a tent over your head and the bowl.
      • Stay in the 'tent' for 5 to 10 minutes, coming out for air whenever you need to. Do not burn your face!

    4. While your face is still wet, apply a Hidden Content . Put a slice of cucumber over each eye and lie down. Relax for 15 to 20 minutes while the mask works its magic.
    5. Remove the cucumber from your eyes and rinse your face with warm water. Pat dry.
    6. Use a cotton ball or cosmetic pad to apply Hidden Content . This removes any traces of the facial mask and balances your skin's pH levels. It also adds some extra hydration (and smells nice!)
    7. Finally, apply Hidden Content .

    That's it - you're done! Your face is deep cleaned, exfoliated, hydrated and toned.
    Giving yourself a facial once a week or so is a great way to keep your skin healthy and young looking. Plus, it's a great way to relax and have some fun. Why not do your next facial with your daughter, neice or girlfriends? And throw in a pedicure while you're at it!

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    Default Re: Essential Oil

    Ladies, mau tanya dong kan aku rencana mo campur jasmine oil dg minyak bulus, perbandingannya 1:1. Sebenernya cari fungsi minyak bulusnya utk mengencangkan b*ops, tp krn baunya amis jd dicampur deh. Kira2 bisa dicampur ga ya? Atau ada fungsi yg bertentangan? Makasih............................
    "your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behavior does"

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    Default Re: Essential Oil

    bisa saja sih. tapi kan selain minyak bulus bisa juga pakai carrier oil yg fungsinya juga mengencangkan dan menutrisi misalnya seperti jojoba atau hazelnut atau evening primrose. silakan browsing saja di situs oshadhi. kalo mau ngeblend carrier oil dg essential oil jangan pake perbandingan 1:1, kebanyakan eo nya krn eo yg pure itu sangat berkonsentrasi tinggi. misalnya untuk menghasilkan 10ml pure eo rose dibutuhkan lebih dari 10,000 kuntum bunga mawar, makanya eo pure jasmine atau rose itu harganya mahal sekali dan karena jenisnya bunga, dia lebih sering dikenal dg istilah absolute, krn dibuthkan bahan solvent untuk mengambil oil dari bunga jasmine dan rose. untuk pengencangan juga bisa mencampurkan sweet almond oil dg eo yg disuka dg perbandingan antara2-3% eo dalam carrier oil.

    ---------- Post added at 07:20 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:18 PM ----------

    hati hati kalau mau beli carrier oil dan eo, pilihlah yg dari distiller langsung atau dari distributor ternama semisal oshadhi.co.uk atau nealsyardremedies.com atau naturallythinking.com, atau baseformula.com. atau kalau mau beli di jakarta, bisa kontak mbak rina poerwadi, di google saja. dia ini pakar aromatherapy yg membuka praktek di jkt dan menjual high qulaity eo dan carrier oil dari new zealand

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    Default Re: Essential Oil

    Kalo oil of javanya dewi sri spa kok murah ya? Amankah?? Mau beli maju mundur, murah sih.
    100rb untuk 20ml, itu jasmine sama mawar jawa harganya sekitar segitu sih

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    Default Re: Essential Oil

    @rini2809 i c, minyak bulusnya sih katanya cold pressed. tp amisnya itu lhoo makanya mau campur. Dikit aja berarti ya es-nya. Tq
    "your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behavior does"

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